Good Vibrations (pt.2)

I slid out of the office at nine.The janitor slithered out of a broom closet, gave me a glare and hurried away to begin his nightly duty. That janitor was a creepy fellow, probably a loser in life who became a janitor after he dropped out of high school and couldn’t hold a job as a waiter or mechanic. I had my coat and my pink slip and the creepy janitor still had one up on me. He had a job. That realization struck a funny cord with me. The janitor made more money than I did now. Did that make him better than me? I shook the question from my mind and left, never to return.
The thoughts kept reverberating in my mind. I walked out of the building and down to the train station. I got on a train. There was the homeless man who slept on the train until a conductor came along and kicked him off; however, he was fast asleep for now. I looked him over. Was this to be my future? A homeless man that smells like urine and broken dreams? I shook the idea from my mind and turned my thoughts back to my window.

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