The Burning Fire of Hatred

“I refuse to be ignored, Jamie!” Tabitha called after him. “You won’t hear the end of this!”

Not alive, she added silently. She’d hated him, always, ever since she’d seen his father murder hers when she was five. And now he was after her brother. Her red eyes blazed with fury, but only for a moment. She struggled to contain her demon side, with better results than she’d expected. Her eyes returned to their original amber color, to match her hair. Her ruby red lips were twisted into a scowl as her slim 19-year-old body spun on that size 9 heel and walked off.

“Ridiculous,” she muttered. “but it won’t stay like that for long.” Hatred ran though her body, burning her, tormenting her like a fire that would never go out. And until Jamie was dead, it wouldn’t. She was absolutely positive about that.

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