Pumpkin Jack

She lays on the ground, breathing heavily. She was getting weaker as blood drips from the stump where her left foot used to be. Her only concern had been putting distance between herself and her tormentor. But now, through some fleeting cognizance, she looks around to get a handle on her surroundings.
She’s in a pumpkin patch. Of all the ironies on Halloween night. But maybe this place could be her salvation as well. It provides good cover she thinks. She crawls deeper into the vine-laden ground. Silence engulfs her.
He he… A shrill giggle echoes around her. It gets louder and louder. Her eyes widen, searching the complete darkness. She tries to back out from her once protective cover, but is held in place by an unseen hand.
Thump! The ground shakes. She starts. A glow starts to pulse from within her covering. “Pumpkin Jack is here!” resounds inside her head.
Suddenly, she is yanked from her refuge only to confront the face of pure evil. One last scream escapes her lips.

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