Jensen and the Book

Jensen was dead when Crenshaw entered his office. There was no apparent cause of death, but as Crenshaw pulled the body off the desk, he saw it: the book.

Jensen had read the book.

It was something he would do; the man’s lust for power was famous. Crenshaw knew the book had more power than any mortal could handle, but he hadn’t been in time to do Jensen any good. The book had to be destroyed. But how?

Crenshaw had no time to think about that. Jensen’s partners would come for the book soon.

There was a knock at the door.

“Boss? You all right?â€?

Crenshaw looked around, desperate for a way out, any way out. He ran to the window, book in hand. It was a two-story drop, but there was an open dumpster at the bottom.

More pounding. “Boss, we’re comin’ in!â€?

No time to think. The fall might kill him, but death was certain if he stayed here. Crenshaw jumped.

The fall seemed to last forever. He hit the garbage pile hard. He climbed out of the dumpster; nothing felt broken. The book was still in his hand.

He ran.

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