Yellow Silk-Like Rose

On the hardwood floor are small square patches of early morning sunlight, glowing from the uncovered window in my bedroom. I can see the bright spots from where I lie in bed. I haven’t been awake for very long, but long enough to fully wake up and think thoughts and let my eyes tear like they always do before I get out of bed.

I am thinking thoughts of yesterday; of what things were like before. My life will never be the same again. I lie in bed, just awake, remembering. I remember the sweet yellow of a friendship rose; I remember the yellow rose bushes that are growing in the garden outside my bedroom window.

My face is pressed very hard into my silk pillowcase, my yellow silk pillowcase. It matched my yellow silk sheets. The same color as the pools of yellow sunlight on my hardwood floor; the same color yellow as the sweet friendship rose with it’s delicate silk-soft petals. I feel my eyes beginning to tear. Once they do that…then I can wake up.

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