Dark Entities

I can’t move.

My mind is awake, my senses aware, but my body fails to take notice. I am trapped within myself, a victim of sleep paralysis.

I’m not alone. There is no sound to betray the presence of another being, no creaks or cracking sounds. Only my sixth sense telling me that there is another entity within the sanctity of my room.

The sense grows stronger and more urgent as I feel its presence draw nearer. Inside I am screaming and thrashing my limbs. My body, however, does nothing to respond. My heart beats rapidly within my chest, nearly threatening to make an escape of its own bony chamber.

My eyes finally pop open. However, I nearly faint with fright upon seeing my intruder.

In the dim glow of the moonlight, I see an all too familiar face. However, the features are distorted and discolored. But, ghosts don’t exist, right?

Science may have disproved the existence of ghosts, but they never said anything about demons.

Something has taken on the form of my dead grandfather.

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