Like a shadow on shadows

Darkness. All around. Its closer. Run.Run. The House. Light. Make it to the light. The Lampost, unlight, flys by. Run.Dont Stop Gotta make it. Its at the lampost, GOD , im not gonna make it. Have to, dont give up. I look back, it flits through the darkness, quickly, like a shadow upon shadows. The claws, flashing in the moonlight, out done only by the teeth. Oh God.The Teeth. The Wings glisten in the moonlight. Oh God. Not teeth and wings. Almost there. ITs closer, i feel its breath, its hunger.
Pain. PAIN . Oh God, it got me. Kick, Scream, theyll hear you.
I look at my hands. My claws. My wings. I feel my teeth grow, elongate, push through my lips. I feel…hunger. It looks up momentarily, returns to its meal.
I turn and look to the light. It hurts my eyes. I wheel about and run into the comforting darkness. I flit through the trees on silent wings, leaving no trace.
Like a shadow on shadows.

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