Asleep, Yet Awake (Pt 1 of ?)

I wake up, and look around. Hmmm… thats interesting, theres a square stuffed bunny where my TV usually is. D-Did he just wave? Curious. I look in the mirror. Whoa, thats odd. I don’t remember being that tall, and I’m pretty sure those antlers weren’t there before. I leave my room to go get ready for school. I turn on the light. Oh guess that light bulb is dead. I’m feeling pretty energetic, I’ll jump 2 steps at a time. Okay, going up was fine, but now I’m stuck a few feet off the ground. Let me just float downstairs and get my breakfast. Or maybe I’ll watch some music videos. Where’s that remote…uhh thanks, TV. Put it on VH1 please. Thanks. I look at my watch, but I cant read it for some reason. Odd. Wait a second. The antlers, the floating, the not being able to tell time. Oh, I must be dreaming. This is pretty cool, knowing I’m dreaming. Let me try something, I reach to open the door that’s 3 yards away…whoa my arm was definitely not that long. Well it is my dream- it’s time to have some fun with it.

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