Bush League, Old School and The Succubus

Blake and Simon turned to see “Simone” leaving through the back door. A glassy-eyed young man held her hand, trailing the succubus like a puppy and ignoring the protests of his irate girlfriend.

Blake and Simon ran through the back door and out into the alley. The succubus and her enthralled lover had vanished.

“Frak,” Simon said, angrily punting a can. “They can’t have gone far, we -“

“Hold it,” Blake interrupted. “Why the hell is some bush league kid summoning a succubus? There’s got to be safer ways to lose your virginity.”

“Bite me, smeg. Somebody ask for your help? ‘Cause I didn’t.”

Blake removed his silver cross from around his neck, holding it in front of him by it’s chain. “You’re stuck with me, bush league,” he said as the cross raised up, pointing straight ahead, “Because I’m not letting you out of my sight. This way.” Blake and Simon followed the cross deeper into the alley.

“Nice trick, old school. Who taught you that? Harry Houd- Frak!” Simon exclaimed, having just tripped over a dead body.

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