The Dysfunctional Duo

“Never seen one before?” Blake asked.

“What!?!” Simon replied, confused as to the exact topic.

“A dead body,” Blake continued. “Never seen a dead body before? You’re looking a little pale… Don’t lose your lunch on me, kid.”

Simon swallowed hard, hoping it would do the trick. There was a scent in the air, something Simon recognized: “Sulfur.”

“Her handy work,” agreed Blake. “There will be more before the night is done. Let’s go.”

“Um,” Simon interrupted. “Shouldn’t we, er, you know, call the cops or something? I mean, this is a frakkin dead body, after all.”

Blake turned to Simon and gave him a cold, hard stare. “Kid, what’re the cops goin’ to do? Besides hold us for questioning.”

Simon went silent, unsure of an answer.

“Exactly,” stated Blake. “Nobody to hold your hand here, kid. You summoned the bitch and now we gotta track her down.”

“So, um,” Simon paused. “What exactly did she do to him?”

“She’s a Suck you, bitch,” Blake replied with a grunt. “She sucked his soul out… thru his happy place.”

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