Where Freddy Went

“Wake up, mister. I need your help.”

Freddy opened his eyes. His head was pounding. He was on the floor of a log cabin. An old man in overalls was standing over him.

“Ya know how ta fire a shotgun?” the old man asked.

“Where the fuck am I?” Freddy asked.

“I’ll have to tell ya all about that later. We gotta get ready.”

Freddy looked around the cabin, then back at the old man again. ...the fuck? Am I on the set of Little House on The Prairie? He pulled the covers off of himself and realized that he was completely naked. “What the hell, old man, where are my clothes?”

“They were soaked. You were freezin when I found ya out in tha woods. Ya woulda died if I hadn’t found you. You’re gonna die anyway if you don’t help me.”

“Help you with what, old man?” Freddy shouted.

“Azarakk the Destroyer is comin.”

Freddy heard a thundering boom in the distance. The cabin floor vibrated lightly. A few pots and pans fell from the walls.

“What the fuck was that?” he asked the old man.

“That’d be Azarakk.”

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