Hurrying Home

The sun was going down and he was hurrying to get home before dark. He wanted to be safely inside behind a double deadbolted door before the sun finally slipped from view. They came out after dark.

He had started seeing them about a month ago. At first they were blurry shapes seen out of the corner of his eye. When he turned to look they were gone. As the days passed they became more distinct. Dark figures lurking in the shadows; hiding behind the garbage in the alleys he passed. Soon they were venturing out from their hiding places. Stretching out their hands as he passed; mewling in voices that were rasping whispers like dry leaves stirred by the wind.

A week ago several of them followed him home. He walked faster but they kept up. He broke into a run as the panic overwhelmed him. The next day he was home before dark. By the end of the week he had added the second deadbolt and heavy shades. Each night he sat in front of the television, the volume turned down low in case they were lurking outside his door.

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