What Freddy Feels

Freddy grabbed the shotgun out of the old man’s hands and got up out of the bed. He looked down at himself and was glad that there weren’t any honeys around.
The entire shack shook violently and the reverberating shock made his knees buckle.
“Hold on ta that thing now, Chip,” the old hick said. Things are gonna get a mite crazy here in-”
“What are you-”
With a crash, the world exploded. Freddy fell to the floor, flailing madly, as the entire roof of the shack was swept away in a flood of splinters and thunder.
Freddy looked up into the dim twilit sky at the largest set of teeth he had ever seen. Azarakk looked like he was eighty feet tall, and pulled back in a roar, gaping maw wide, reptilian skin glistening in the faint light.
Freddy pissed himself and scrambled back across the floor on hands and heels.
“Die,” the old man screamed, pointing his own shotgun upwards, “you son of a-”
One giant clawed hand slammed the man into the ground. Bloody detritus shot from beneath the beast’s hand and covered the room.

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