Biological Warfare: The Shocking Story of the Dawson Family


2 days ago, the Dawson family was found dead in their house, which had been set on fire, presumably to dispose of the bodies, which are being used as evidence.

Mrs. Kristen Dawson, husband Edgar, and children Sam and Jen were all lying in a macabre circle. Their head had been partially sliced open, their feet broken and bound in the Chinese fashion, their eyes cut out, as well as many other gruesome details. However, these cuts were relatively bloodless-the family had been dead before being injured. As traces of anthrax had been found in the air vents, it has been determined that anthrax was the cause of death.

Why? Nobody knows. Oriental neighbors, the Wang family, are widely suspected due to the bound feet. However, no case has been filed against them.

Wang Lung chuckled and smiled.

Of course not, he thought. Then he reached for the phone.

“Governer? Yes, it’s Wang…let’s do it again tonight, it’s great publicity for the newspaper.”

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