Plaster Rain

Greg held Adrien’s shoulder as they progressed down the halls. Adrien glanced over, and shrugged it off. Greg sighed.

“How are you going to get over this thing?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“I don’t know…so, do you think the Caretaker put it in when you were leaving, when I was unconscious?” said Adrien.

“Not sure. Is it his?”

“Yes,” Adrien sighed, clutching his chest. “It’s definitely the Caretaker’s heart. I feel it, I feel him.”

“Well…how are you—”

“Sir!” a doctor interrupted, marching down the hall towards them.

Adrien and Greg glanced back, then kept walking. The doctor broke into a jog to catch up with them.

“Sir, you can’t just leave! You’re just had a serious accident, you could very well be dying!”

Adrien’s eyes turned a weird green. “We’re all dying, doctor. Steadily and surely.” And with that and a small smile, he turned around, snapping his fingers.

Plaster and drywall exploded out of the wall, choking the air of the corridor. Adrien smiled wider.

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