Every Night

Henri ran through the streets. Why did that girl think I knew them? Who do I reminds her of? The only way to get his questions answered was to find his one connection to his life before- before what? Avogadro.

A few sharps rapps were heard at the door. “Henri? My name is Nicòle. I think we might be connected, somehow. Please open up!” The woman pleaded. Henri peeked his head into the hall.
“Why does everyone think I know them? Can’t you…” He really looked at her. “When you close your eyes, do you feel as if something were tatooed to them?” Silently, Nicòle nodded. “And do you feel as if all humans are connected, except for you?”Henri took a breath before asking his last question. “Do you have strange dreams with the name Avogadro flashing across your face?” Nicòle smiled through tears.
“Every night, Henri.”

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