The Party

Two months ago, it was only a dream. Parents disapproved, and reservations weren’t even made. But now, two days before the big party, everyone’s on the same page; parents are less-than-psyched, but they finally gave in, the caterer will be here at 2:30 to set up the appetizers, and the invitations were just sent last Monday.

“Leah, how did you get your parents to say yes to this? My parents would’ve totally gone BOGUS if I even mentioned a party or anything close to that after last months spring-fling.” asked Chelsea.
“I don’t know really… after the night on AIM when you brought it up, I decided to ask them, and they said yes! And, don’t bring up spring-fling ever again! We don’t want to hear another recap.” giggled Leah. The four girls laughed as they walked to geometry.
“Well, all I know is that I’m glad it’s not at my house. It’s so hectic since we’re moving.” said Kaya.
“Leah.” said Matt.
The four girls stopped dead in there tracks.

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