Beau shook Jolie awake. “Hey, time for soup!” Jolie’s eyes opened wide, and she flung back her covers.
“Don’t eat it, Beau!” Her face was white as she warned her brother. Before he could answer, she ran to Mignon’s room. “Open the door, Mignon!” He appeared at her side, still buttoning his shirt. “Don’t eat the soup!” Jolie cried, running down the hall, spreading her message. “Don’t eat the- Monsieur Laurent!” Slowly, she backed away from him. “Monsieur Laurent has lied to us!”Jolie yelled, facing the mass of students behind her.
“Blasphemy! She has lied to you!” The man grabbed Jolie’s wrists and yanked her to her feet.
“I have not! I am telling them the truth!”
“Oh, then I suppose they know you were with Alexa last night! My darling children, she is the one telling you not to trust me, when the world has shunned you!” The room filled with murmurs.
“Tell them, sir! Tell them that our parents are still alive!” The room fell silent.

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