Everything ends.

Days end, and nights end.

School ends, and summer ends.

Love ends, and life ends.

Everything ends.

A team’s record ends, shattered in one game.

A friendship ends, through distance or rage.

A show ends, for its ratings just weren’t high enough.

A relationship ends, when a girl finds a man whose more buff.

A season, division, or league ends, and everyone must say goodbye.

A semester ends, and that is your grade, no matter how hard you try.

Everything ends.

But yet at the same time,

Everything keeps going.

Every morning the sunrises.

And every night the moon comes out again.

The hands on the clock keep ticking.

The world keeps spinning.

The seasons keep cycling.

Everyday babies are born.

Everyday new friends are made.

Everyday people fall in love.

Everything ends.

Everything continues.

Everything changes.

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