Storm Runners

Five days at sea and Morgan, Quarry, Seline and Rory were already having the time of their lives. They were in the pool hall on top deck, the one with the cool windows. It had been overcast all day and threatning rain but nobody was expecting this…
Quarry sat on the pool table, she was trying to make one of those difficult behind the back corner shots. At that moment they heard the loudest thunder crack of their lives. Quarry dropped her cue, Seline screamed and the guys jumped.
Morgan glanced out the window, torrential rain was pounding the deck relentlessly. “Guys we should-” he never got to finish. At that very instant there was another loud roll of thunder.
Rory looked up and gasped. A large chunk of the concrete ceiling was cracking apart, it was going to fall directly on Quarry! His mind froze. Fortunately his body didn’t. He dashed forward, scooped up Quarry and jumped back. A split second later the concrete crashed into the table shattering it.
Quarry gaped at the concrete and then at Rory.

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