The (Boring) View from My Window

He had put me in a bedroom that had a view of an open field that looked like it hadn’t seen a lawn mower since the Civil War. He said something about a lovely view when he had pointed the window out to me, and frankly, I could not see his point. It was just an overgrown lawn. I decided he must be crazy.
He lived alone there, and seemed delighted to have someone else in the house. Well, he wasn’t entirely alone. I had been greeted enthusiastically at the door by a Border collie that he informed me was named Duke. I asked him if he’d gone to that college and he just laughed at me and said something about an “air of nobility.” Whatever that means.
I was supposed to be up here changing for dinner, but I was procrastinating. I had already brushed out my hair, which Mom tells me is chestnut but is really a rather boring brown, and had finally decided to just get changed. I wanted to get out of my airplane clothes anyway.
I was, after all, pretty hungry at that point.

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