The moment I think I have a plan, Shade walks in and I lose my idea.

“There is nothing wrong with your brain young man. I believe your just an idiot. I recommend going back to college.” Shade says, mocking the doctors high-pitched voice.

“What a wonderful way to treat a patient, huh?” I reply sarcastically.

“Did you think of a plan?”

“Well I did until you walked in.” I shot back.

“Oh, s’cuse me.”

“Your excus-”

We both turned our heads, me straining my neck, and search the window into the hallway frantically for the crash they just heard.

“What jus-”

“I don’t know!” he replies before bounding his way into the hallway. He pulls out his gun just for protection.

I watch him as he looks down at the floor, beyond my eyesight, and he screams as he too falls to the ground with a thud.

The doctors from other rooms come out to see what all the commotion is about and they see the two men lying on the floor. I hear them say into the phone:

Nobody go to hall 41, we need two ER beds..

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