This ficlet contains vivid descriptions of pornographic acts

Just kidding. You pervert.

I originally wrote this ficlet as one of the Insane Knight series (starting here: After I published it, I noticed that I had not written it as a sequel, and so It was out of sequence with the rest of the series.

I thought it would be easy enough to set this one as a draft and then cut and paste the text into a new sequel. Once the sequel was in place I would delete the draft.

After I performed these steps I noticed that you could not delete a draft. So for several months there has been a copy of one of the Insane Knight stories in my drafts folder.

I am writing this to get the draft out of my folder. If an admin is reading this: please give us the ability to delete a draft. I am surprised that nobody else has needed this feature.

The old comments from Kermitgorf and Alexa are probably attached to this ficlet. If so, then they probably don’t make much sense now. Sorry.

And sorry there wasn’t any porno. You bunch of sickos.

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