Kate smiled softly to herself as she walked smoothly down the shoreline. Her eyes traveled ahead of her, taking in the path of footprints she was following. She couldn’t quite see his retreating figure over the swell of the beach.

They had been watching the sunrise on the dew moistened sand. After the wonderful night they had, their happiness had rolled over into the morning. It led to Nick’s mischievious grin to break out before he started to run down the beach toward the pier in the distance.

It took Kate only a moment to gather her senses and follow after him. Unfortunate as it was, she was shorter than him with shorter legs and not even closed to as in shape as him. He widened the distance between them easily.

Kate closed in on the pier, and slowed her pace. She searched the sandy distance past the pier and found it vacant of her new fiance. She crossed the wooden supports and found herself in the shade under the pier.

“Nicholas, come out, come out where ever you are…” Kate sing songed.

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