It’s a text from Alyssa.

SportyWithaBody: heyy hunayy
UBetImHott: heyy – nd the nswr is?
SportyWithaBody: wellll..
UBetImHott: well?! tell me wht i wanta hearr, plz let it b wht i wanta hearr!
SportyWithaBody: did u not notice the wellll..?
UBetImHott: ugh!!!!! ur losing ur touch ugh-lyssa!!

I feel bad about being so mean to my best friend. She had just tried to help me and I was nothing but mean!

SportyWithaBody: i srry =[
UBetImHott: sigh. did u do the best u culd?
SportyWithaBody: nuthin less
UBetImHott: finee. ily again =]

Might as well have at least one friend back.

SportyWithaBody: YaY!
UBetImHott: a’ight, this isn’t the way i usually get friends bak, but tell them tht i’ll spread their most embarresing date around the skool unless they get ovr themselves.
SportyWithaBody: oooo wht happnd?
UBetImHott: ..they’ll kno =]

As Alyssa turns around again, I decide I’ll go talk to my loser-clique.

“Sorry about that, my mom said she’ll be here late.”

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