Scarlet’s eyes were swollen from crying. She had packed her few belongings and left a note on the table. I cannot bring this down on them.
“Where are you going?” Holden demanded of her.
“I can’t stay here! Holden, look around, this is your life! I just can’t barge into it and… I have to go!” Holden grabbed her arm and pulled her to him.
“No! I told you we were in this together! Are going to make me break my promise?” The corners of his mouth were pulled down so comically, that Scarlet couldn’t help but smile.
“No,” she shook her head. “But, your mother-”
“Mom, can I talk to you?” Holden approached his mother as she was chopping onions.
“Just so long as it isn’t about that girl.”
“Mother! That girl is Scarlet, I love her. And, she very nearly left because of you.”
“Good riddance. Holden, you may think I’m not ‘current’, but I googled her. She is a criminal. Her British citizenship was revoked because of it.”

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