No Answer

My oh, what do you call it, let’s say, “Superphone” had come on speaker, and I heard the commands.

“SHADE! SHADE ! GET YOUR TAIL BACK IN HERE !” Pain went searing through my gut. Maybe it was too late. But maybe it wasn’t. Fear still stood, devouring everything, but hey, I found the plan. I scrawled it down and then buzzed a nurse, not expecting anyone. Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned to hours. I saw neither Shade nor a nurse. I turned over and stared at the wall again. My eye twitched and then I remembered something. I picked up my phone and called Shade’s. No answer. But his was always on and with him. Attempting to stay calm, I buzzed a nurse again, thanking everything that I wasn’t human. I didn’t know if it was a disease or a load of those nanogenes, but I didn’t have human DNA , and I wasn’t vulnerable to human diseases. Still no nurse. Still no answer. I put the phone back on speaker and stared at the celing, with the phone on my bedside table.

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