Harvest Moon

The night was chilly—the girls wrapped their windbreakers tightly around their shoulders to keep out the cold. A sharp wind blew in their faces, and they huddled together underneath the bridge.

Jenny shivered. Under her jacket was only a flimsy t-shirt, and she felt the cold right through to her skin. She leaned closer to Sarai, trying to take in any warmth she could.

The water roared next to them. Without warning, Jenny went tumbling down into the river, with Sarai just barely managing to stay on the banks.

She was instantly submerged in the icy water. “Sarai!” She tried to call out, but only got a mouthful of water. The current was strong, and the Sarai’s outline gradually receded into the darkness.

She heard a faint reply, “Jenny!” With all her might, she grabbed onto a rock, scraping her hands but managing to get back up on shore.

Sarai wrapped her in her arms, holding her close. They looked up at the sky. The moon held a tint of orange.

“Look,” she said to Jenny. “It’s a harvest moon tonight.”

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