Holden took a deep breath before running his fingers through his hair. “I know, Mom. I’ve known for a long time, but it hasn’t changed our relationship.” Mrs. Thompson sniffed.
“Holden, you know that I want what’s best for you. She is not it. A criminal, Holden? A criminal? This is worse than when your brother said he was going to marry that cashier! No, I can’t allow you to allow her to ruin your life!” Scarlet walked into the room.
“You’re talking about me, aren’t you?” She said quietly. “Yet, you don’t even know me! Do you know my favorite color, or what makes me smile? Do you even know why I’m here? Then, how can you judge me?”
“I know you’ve been banished from England, France, and Germany. What else is there to know?” His mother smirked with disgust.
“Listen, Dollface,” Scarlet cried while pointing her finger. “Holden told me what a wonderful person you were, so I was excited to meet you-”
“He said that?” Mrs. Thompson’s eyes were brimming with tears.

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