The Cat's Eye

The whistling of the morning doves woke the sleeping cat. While sleeping peacefully Dimitri, the slim Siamese cat, dreamt of catching fish and enjoying another nice nap. Had he known what was to occur that day, perhaps he would have stayed asleep. Or at least tried to…..

Dimitri lazily opened his almond- shaped blue eye to survey the area. Realizing all was clear, he opened his other eye.

After a quick stretch, Dimitri decided to take a stroll around the house and see what the ladies were doing. Well there was Sharon, fat and old, just sleeping the day away, and there was Emily, the only other cat that could ever stand up to him in both strength and beauty, watching the silly humans trying to plug in some new toy.

“What they plugging in now?” asked Dimitri as he came up to Emily.

“Another game system. Can you believe they got another one?” responded Emily in a somewhat annoyed tone.

Well lets see if I can brighten up that tone, thought Dimitri.

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