Writing Notes In the Air

The little green man was not in the woods today, and this made me sad. I wanted to tell him about today. Sometimes I do that, when no one else is right behind me. Then I can stop and tell the little man more than hello. That’s polite, to tell people things.

When I can’t stop I write him notes. I write them in the air with my finger, like this. Only he can read them when I do it that way.

Today I wrote how Paul tripped me in the hallway before third period. My books went everywhere. All the kids laughed, and someone gave Paul a high five. Sometimes people give me high fives, but I do not think they mean it the same way. They think I’m different.

Mariano says they just don’t get it. I don’t know what they don’t get, but I’d like to get it. Mariano helped me pick my books back up and made the other kids stop laughing. He didn’t say to stop, but they did. He’s nice. Maybe I will write him a note.

The little man will probably think that’s funny. I think it is. He can’t read my notes! Only my little friend can.

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