The Monster inside a child Part 3

Jason ran right into math class before the bell rang. He sat down at his desk right as the teacher came in. Ms. Flanagan was her name.
“Everyone take your seats! And while you’re at it, get out your homework from last night, lesson 5.8.”
Oooohhhhh!, he thought, She’ll never believe me. She’ll never believe that i got beat up a bit by those stupid oppressors. Then, they tore up my homework. Uuuuhhhh! Here she comes.
“Jason, pleeeaaaase tell me you have your homework!”
“Some boys ripped it up.” he mumbled quietly to Ms. Flanagan.
“Of course! Of course they did! That’s your third exuse this week!”
They all were were were true Jason thought.
“I want to see your homework, just one time at least! Why do you have to make me so mad like this!”
Jason had nothing to say. So Ms. Flanagan strutted away, very annoyed. She continued with her lesson for that day.

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