2 shots

“Close the goddamn door!Its coming!”The shout echoed up and down the steel hallway.Andrew dove through the door and Paul slammed the door shut with a bang,but not before rabid screams and snarls slipped through.”What the fuck is that thing?” Paul screamed, fear making his voice tremble as there were repeated slams on the door.” I dont know nor do I care,” Andrew said as he picked himself off the floor,” All I know is im getting the fuck outta here.” His voice was strangely calm as he slowly backed away and pulled out a gun from his shirt.”Woah, were’d you get the gun, man? We coulda saved Mike with that you motherfuker.”Andrew turned around towards the other door,slowly saying over his shoulder,”You see, I couldnt have.”There was a loud crack and Paul’s knee exploded,gore splattering the wall as he screamed.As he stepped out of the room,Andrew turned to the still screaming Paul and said” I only have 2 bullets.”There was another crack and the lock on the barrier door fragmented as Andrew locked the other door.

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