We Made It - Alive, That Is. [sequel to "Another Chance??"] JD Series

“What was that?” Nina asked, tear still trickling down her face.

Not wanting to put off the news any longer, he grabbed her hand and all but dragged her over to his car. She hops in, shuts the door, and clicks the seatbelt, knowing something has happened.

He flew down the highway, then slowed down abruptly at the sight of a cop in the distance.

Nina, who was now sitting up, for her life was temporarily not in danger, asked John:

“What happened?!?”

Not a word was spoken, nor a breath taken as they passed the police. Once they were out of eyesight, John sped up again.

Within minutes, they were at the hospital. On the way in, Nina learned of the situation, she too now in shock.

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