Without His Girlfriend

Getting tired of waiting for an answer, I decide to prank the hospital into getting a nurse into my room.

I dialed the hospitals number.

“Hello?” the secretary said.

“What is wrong with you guys?!” I asked in a fake, high-pitched voice. “My daughter just called me and told me that she has been buzzing for a nurse for three hours! What is going on?!”

“I’m sorry m’ame, but all of our nurses are being checked – a rare disease has broken out, starting with Dr. Lomen.”

Dr. Lomen, Dr. Lomen… the creepy doctor that Shade went out to help in the halls!

“I assure you, your daughter will have a nurse very soon.” she added. “I’m slightly trained in medical, with me working in a hospital and all, do you think there’s anything I ca-”

I hung up, knowing all I needed to know.

Wait, if Shade fainted out in the hall also, doesn’t that mean that he has..

I cut myself short of that thought, unable to bear the thought that Shade is going through his final moments, alone. Without his girlfriend.

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