My neck had healed. I could move it with ease now. I stood up and walked out into the hall, praying that this disease only affected humans. Shade wouldn’t be as sick as, oh, say, the creepy doctor guy. I walked up to the receptionist’s desk, talking like a Mafia girlfriend.

“What room would Shade Robatnik be in?” I asked, hiding my british accent behind a New York one expertly.

“Mr. Robotnik is in quarantine.” The haint didn’t even look up from painting her nails!

“I don’t caya, if I have to die just so I can see him, so be it!” Losing it… losing it! I snapped back into the accent again.

“You’re just not going to give up, are you?”


“Room 867.” I walked away and into quarantine, slipping into a closet and changing into a nurse’s outfit. I slipped into room 867, staring at Shade. He wasn’t quite out, but he kind of seemed delerious. Then again, a normal I.Q. coming from him would make him seem delerious.

“Heather? Is-is that you?”

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