I want to say that it’s okay for you to walk away and have nothing to say and never look my way that way again. I swear that I’ll be fine though you were never mine and couldn’t take the time to develop a love that became a lie. But here’s the thing, when the birds start to sing I realize that I would fly but your love clipped my wing. But when I see your face I feel a disgrace in that very place that you decided to o-so-subtly place your hand. They all think you’re bad and that I shouldn’t be sad because, look, my mother is so glad. But you’re the exception to the rule like you proved in your pool that day that I thought was I was so cool in that bikini I bought just to be your tool to break my heart. Then I was 13 and God, you were so mean when all I wanted was to lean my head on your shoulder. But it’s okay because this is the day that when you walk away I’ll have nothing to say and I never want you to look my way that way again.

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