Storm Runners (pt. 2)

They made it out just in time. After the first piece had fallen, the rest of the ceiling had decided to follow. Lightning flashed continually, dazzling their eyes. The staircase to the main deck was blocked by debris, Quarry, Morgan and Rory were frantically trying to clear it, but judging from the way it was swaying it wouldn’t be there much longer.
“The banister!” shouted Seline. Morgan’s eyes lit with understanding and he hopped on it and started sliding down, the others followed suit. They got off just before the staircase gave one last shudder and collapsed.
The main deck was a catastrophe. Things were strewn everywhere, people ran about screaming. Morgan caught sight of the Captain and grabbed his arm.”What’s happening?!” he yelled above the wind. The Captain’s eyes were wild with fear. “The ship is going down! Abandon Ship!” He ran away shouting it over and over. People flung themselves overboard in desperate attempts to escape! All the lifeboats were gone!
The air was rent with a loud shriek.

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