A woman stepped out of the stagecoach. She was as beautiful as the western sun. I relaxed a little but not competley. After all, she could be a bounty hunter.
“Who’re ya?” I demanded.
She treated me to a green-eyed glare that could of killed a cactus. “Who’s askin’?” she demanded right back.
Her voice would have caused weaker men to flinch. It’s a good thing I’m not a weaker man.
She raised an eyebrow and looked as if she was contemplating murder. Even though the sun was blazing hot it suddenly felt a lot colder.
I took her silence as an oppertunity to check her out. She was tall, slim, and well muscled, as if she wasn’t a stranger to work. She had two pistols strapped to her hips suggesting she was quick on the draw.
“The name’s Tanya.”
“What?” I asked startled.
“My. Name. Is. Tanya. Are. You. Deaf?” she spoke sarcatically.
To my surprise and eternal embarassment, I blushed.

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