An Eclipse of All Reason

The rain fell down in sheets, drenching Eduardo as he walked down the dark street. His handsomely rugged face revealed soul-rending angst, unnaturally molten eyes blazing as if caught by an unholy fire.

“Eduardo, wait!â€? cried a softly feminine voice. A petite blonde ran after him, uncaring that her expensive heels would likely be ruined. “Don’t leave me!â€?

He turned, drawn by the pleading in her voice. “I must leave, Lena,â€? he said as she gazed up at him, brown cow eyes brimming with unshed tears. “I am a soulless, blood-sucking monster, and you cannot love me. You only think you love me because you’re emotionally immature, and I’m the first truly attractive man you’ve come across in your short years.â€?

“Well yes, I know that you’re four hundred years older than me and really we have absolutely nothing in common, but who cares! This is True Love! It overcomes everything, even high school! Who cares that you won’t show up in our prom pictures?â€?

Eduardo sighed, cursing the supernatural romance genre.

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