Blueyedwonder's nEw Challenge from...not hell! (Sorry, YodaOnCrack, couldn't resist). And this is Sorta-Halfway-Kinda Dedicated to Howie Amourscow for Unintentionally giving me the Idea :D

Okay, I know this is totally random and uncalled for since I still have 122 ficlets, but I got this idea and I know I’m gonna lose it if I don’t write it down like RIGHT NOW .

Has anybody else read Howie Amourscow’s profile? Well, if you haven’t, it says, basically, nothing on here is copyrighted and we can all steal one another’s imagery, word choice, characters, plot twists, etc…and if you have, don’t you love that line about OCD squirrels?

Anyway, I’m going to take that to heart: Take a character from another ficleteer’s ficlet/series and write a ficlet (or another series) with that character. Mwahaha! I know, it’s not that hard, so I’ll add another twist:Try and add another dimension/layer to that character.

So…yeah. I hope this one doesn’t crash and burn like the others I’ve done. :$. If you read this, send a note to all your contacts and tell them to enter!!!...pwease? 8/

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