The Walk Home, Interrupted (part one)

The priest led Simone down the street. It occurred to her quite suddenly that if he tried to take her onto hallowed ground she would be in some serious trouble.

“Wh-where are you taking me?” she asked him, trying to sound human.

“I thought I might walk you home, miss. Which is…?”

“Well… I’m new in town…” It was an old one, but worked surprisingly well.

The priest smiled kindly and replied, “I know of a fine hotel on Fourth Street. There’s even a shortcut ahead… if you don’t mind crossing a dark alley with only an old man of the cloth to protect you.”

“Oh, I feel safe with you, Father,” she said. She studied him: pale, with thinning steel-hued hair. A lead-pipe cinch, she thought.

He led her left, down a shadowy and foul-smelling cleft between two leaning stone buildings. Water dripped into noisome pools of standing water.

Halfway down the alley, Simone turned and pushed him against the wall, grinding her pelvis into his crotch. She was too famished for the slow art of seduction.

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