Run Freddy Run

Freddy ran through the forest. The twigs and rocks cut into his bare feet, but that didn’t slow him down. What the hell was that thing? That old man had called it Azarakk the Destroyer. Some giant fucking cousin of Godzilla was what it looked like.

After the creature killed the old man, it just turned around and went back the way it came. It wasn’t interested in Freddy at all; it didn’t even seem to notice him. Freddy didn’t waste any time fleeing the scene once he knew he was safe. He wanted to get far away from that thing as fast as he could.

His eyes caught a reflection in the distance. It was hard to make out what it was through the trees. As he got closer he realized what it was.

My car? What the fuck?

The drivers side door was still open from when he jumped out to attack the bitch that burned his hand. The same bitch that sent him here. He looked inside. The keys were still in the ignition.

He felt something press into his back, followed by someone saying, “Hands in the air, friend.”

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