Noodle Shop

Lambi rolled her eyes as a big fat customer entered ‘Noodle Shop’. He was wearing a big red shirt and had big dark patches under his arms where he was sweating under the weight all those rolls of flab.

He lurched his way to the counter and perched on the nearest stool. Lambi honestly thought it was going to snap like a toothpick, but was somewhat relieved when it didn’t. Although, she had to admit, it was making some rather nasty grating sounds.

“The poor stool must be in so much pain”, she muttered under her breath before grinning wildly at the customer, “Geia sou! And what is it you would liiike!?” The brute screwed his face up over the volume of her voice and just grunted a few words. “Okay! One house special comin’ up!” She turned to wave at the cook and swiveled back to face the lump. After a while of waiting and Lambi grinning nervously over how long it was taking, the food was finally done and so she handed it over. He snatched it off her, grunted and stomped his way out the door.
“Oh my poor stool.”

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