The Insane Knight Pillages a Village part 2

The Insane Knight ran through the crowded Market Square of Avaloniaburgtown with his Imaginary Sword waving around aimlessly. Tlod tried to follow, but kept getting pushed aside by anxious customers looking for bargains. The Knight stopped in front of the statue of a horse that stood in the center of the square. He stared for a moment and slowly lowered his Imaginary Sword. He turned to the crowd to speak.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Nobles and Noblettes, Mongoloids and Hermaphrodites!”

Most of the crowd ignored him.

“I came here today to pillage, plunder, and manhandle your women. That was before I realized that you had a much larger problem on your hands.” He pointed over his shoulder to the statue of the horse.

“The evidence stands right behind me. A Medusa has frozen this poor dog where it stands.”

“That’s a statue of a horse,” a man said.

The Knight raised an eyebrow. “You know an awful lot about statues! You’re a suspect! Stay right there!”

The man flipped off the Insane Knight and walked away.

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