Nurse/Ex Girlfriend/Best Friend Rachel

“Shh, call me..” I think hard, for I had used plenty of fake names before, and to use one again wouldn’t be good. ” me Nurse Rachel.” I say with a smile, for Rachel was my best friend before I left America and became an assasin. Part of my plan was to stay with her for a while when Shade and I finally get out of this place.

He smiles, for he had once dated Rachel, except she dumped him when he started spending so much time with me. Wait till I tell him that we’re going back and staying with her.. It was then that I told him my plan. As imagined, he was ecstatic that he was going to go see his ex.

We both jumped when we heard the door open. My back was thankfully facing the door, if the doctor that just walked in knew that I was better, he would check me out and have me on my way, and I wouldn’t be able to stay with Shade.

“I’m.. sorry, am I interrupting something?”

“Um, yeah, so can you leave like, now?” I say, switching to a Pennsylvania accent.

Shade doubled over in pain.

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