Transferring Boyfriends

I looked over at Tasha’s outfit, then stared down at mine in shame. Tasha had everything, a good boyfriend, she’s a top cheerleader, she’s friends with everybody, and she always has the latest clothes.

Me, I was the complete opposite. I wore glasses, my acne was unbearable, and the latest shirt I have is what I make at summer camp.

As completely opposite as we were, Tasha still hangs out with me, no matter how much it hurts her reputation. If it hurts it at all – she’s known for being friends with everybody, as I said earlier.

I sat down at a random desk in Health class. She, seeing that I was in the same class as her, chose a desk next to me. She smiles that beautiful, perfect smile of hers, and gets out some notebook paper as the teacher drones on about meat and how it helps your athletic bodies.

Tasha slips me a note.

Bryan dumped me =[

I sent her a note back:

How could anybody dump YOU ?

He said he likes YOU !

Did you set this up?

No.. ;)

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