Morning Lights

Jenny rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Why am I lying under a bridge with the foreign exchange student from Mexico? She wondered. Sarai was lying with her backpack under her head for a pillow. Gently, Jenny tucked a wisp of ebony-black hair behind her ear.

Once she became fully awake, Jenny remembered how cold she was. Her clothes had not yet fully dried, and her fair hair was still sopping wet. She tried to towel it off with the tail of her t-shirt, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

Rays of morning light hit the sky, one by one illuminating the black sky into a pale gold, which faded into early-morning blue. Oh, god, Jenny thought. I don’t think we should be here when the whole town wakes up…

“Sarai!” She whispered urgently. She hated to wake the girl, who was so peaceful, so beautiful in her sleep, but now was not the time for that. “Sarai, come on! We have to go!”

Blinking a few times to adjust her eyes to the light, Sarai asked, “Where am I?” Then her eyes lit on Jenny, and she relaxed.

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