A Slight Return

“How’d you summon her?”

“Whatcha mean?” Simon replied, confused.

“Um,” Blake scratched his facial stubble. “Did you just use sigils or were ingredients needed?”

“What difference does it frakkin make? There’s a succubus here and she’s killing people and it’s my gorram fault.”

“Just answer the damn question!” Blake shouted.

“Yeah, there was other stuff,” Simon shouted back, his anger rising in kind. “Some herbs, spices, blood of a virgin, the usual.”

Blake smiled and drew forth his cellphone. “Excellent,” he whispered.

“What?” Simon screamed.

“A simple summoning could’ve only brought her from elsewhere in the world to you, but the full spell brought her forth from Hell,” Blake replied.

“So?” Simon asked.

“So, she probably left without a day pass.” Blake flipped his cellphone to life and searched thru the saved numbers.

“I’m missing something here,” muttered Simon.

“I know some folks in New York that don’t take kindly to illegal immegrants hunting on their turf. About time we dropped the dime.”

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