The Story Of Three (part 2)

“I could have sworn I saw Therrin’s foot sticking out of a bush somewhere around here.â€? Katara absently muttered to herself as she pushed aside another bush. “I’ll bet dad sent her to spy on us, again. “ Katara was also in tune with nature and had the ability to move through dense underbrush without making a single sound and, though she was a master of camouflage, she knew that Therrin would spot her a mile away. “If she was looking.â€? She thought. Katara had hoped to catch Therrin off guard and then force her to help building a shelter (they had forgotten the tent as well,) but she knew that her older sister would never be caught well she was on full alert.
“DID YOU FIND ANYTHING ?â€? Someone called loudly.
“No, Sokka.â€? She answered wearily. Her older brother might be a nice and all but he had the worst sense of timing. Sokka was slightly taller than average and slightly on the skinny side but, unlike his sisters, he was pretty loud and his sense of humor was horrendous.

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